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recipe // healthy lunch bowl

February 21, 2016

As much as I love both cooking and baking, there are days when I am happy to be able to just throw a few things together to create a delicious meal in no time. Lunch bowls have proven to satisfy this need for me as they are not only quick in the making, but also look and taste so heavenly good that I love making them in varying versions lunch or dinner during the week. Although I do love them all, there is one combination that I always get back to! A rainbow-colored lunch bowl that does include everything your body needs to get sated, plus numerous vitamins, protein and healthy starches. The “recipe” (as far as it is one) is super variable, I also love topping it off with pulled chicken or steak slices as a protein source instead of scampis!

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outfit // in the desert

February 18, 2016

DSC02174 As already mentioned in this post, our trip to Fuerteventura was full of sunshine, crystal clear blue water, beautiful beaches and a whole lot of relaxation. And although the Canary Islands are volcano Islands and the landscape of Fuerteventura cannot really be described as diverse I totally fell in love with the Corralejo Natural Park, a wide desert-like coast in the North-East of the island. Once entered there is literally nothing around you but sand and the sky, so this definitively called for some shooting action! Since it was a super warm and sunny day I wore my all-time favorite summer outfit: jeans shorts combined with a delicate lace top. It was such a perfect day and I can still feel the sun and the hot breezy air on my skin while looking at the pictures trying to beam myself back to that heavenly place. Oh, this is definitely a place worth revisiting sometime, especially at that time of the year where the weather here is not so pleasant anymore. Also, if you are planning on going there I can highly recommend staying somewhere in the North of the island as it is not as touristy as the South coast line. Plus, that is where the National Park is located 🙂

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travels // summer dreamin’

February 16, 2016


When I had to transfer all my files to my new Mac last week I started browsing through my photos and I came to realise two things: One, I am really looking forward to summer. That really is no surprise though, because let’s be real here: We spent the majority of our lifetime looking forward to summer up in Northern Europe. Secondly, I found my travel pictures from our trip to the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, to be exact) last autumn which I have not shared on the blog yet. It was such a beautiful trip with lots of very well needed sunshine, crystal clear blue water and relaxation. Looking at all these great pictures we took does make me miss those breathtaking colours, the clear blue sky and the sea a lot, increasing my feeling of wanderlust which makes me want to pack up my bikinis and hop right onto the next plane. Or well, okay, planning our next sunny vacation would be a fair start. Inspiration needed? I love love love looking for beautiful places on instagram, pinterest and travel blogs! Also, a great source of inspirational input can be found on DER.COM’s ‘Reisewelten’ where you can find information on all kinds of destinations all sorted according to different kinds of dreamy getaway such as family, couple, beach, islands, wellness and so much more! I have a few great city trips to look forward to (Paris, Milan, London), but still, summer vacation is my favourite and I think we are going to spend it on an island again… Where are you headed next?


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cravings // autumn vibes

October 11, 2015

Although October is usually known for its beautiful autumn weather, a quick view out of my window is telling me another story: Cold, dark and rainy weather is currently dominating the city. Good thing I am going to fly to a much warmer place on Tuesday: Fuerteventura will hopefully prolong my summer for another ten days and I am more than looking forward to this vacation before I am forced to face the cold time of the year after all. However, there are some good things coming along with the turn of year, such as new fashion pieces, trends and outfit possibilities. Admittedly, there are quite  a few things that have wandered straight onto my wish list already:

Acne Studios’ Wool Scarf is such a cozy classy piece that I have admired  during the past winter already and I am positive that this year it is going to be my faithful companion. I just have not been able to decide on the particular color: grey or black… What would you guys say?

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outfit // aztec

August 24, 2015

DSC02119 Two of my best buys this summer? This aztec skirt and my new mirrored sunnies! i have never been the greatest skirt person up until this one moved in with me right before our summer vacation –  i have literally been wearing it non-stop (or at least whenever it was warm enough). Luckily, this weekend was full of sunshine so we decided to finally shoot those two new favorite pieces of mine. Combined with a light blouse, sneakers and my beloved mini Mac this is the perfect go-to outfit for warm days in the city!

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