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March 1, 2014
My birthday is coming up in four days, so it is just about time for a wishlist! During the last few years I did not really come up with one, because I just did not have any real wishes (sounds impossible, I know!). Most of the things I wanted were either affordable, so that I bought them myself, or too expensive to ask for them, or I did not like them enough to put them on the list. So it would usually end up with me getting money and some small gifts which is perfectly okay, really, but there is nothing like the feeling when you have desperately wished for something for a little time and you find that thing on your birthday table! Well, this year that exact feeling might come true for me, as I do have a great wish: a new camera! The Canon EOS M to be exact. I have been craving that little baby for what feels like an eternity now and I cannot wait to hold it in my hands and start shooting with it – so you’d  better be prepared for a flood of great quality pictures on the blog soon! 🙂
Since this wish does already go beyond the birthday budget, I only added a few cheaper gift ideas:
2) I have finished “Gone Girl” a few weeks ago I am now eager to try another novel by Gillian Flynn: “Sharp Objects“.
3) I have heard a lot of good things about the False Lash Mascara from L’oréal and since my Mascara is nearly used up by now, I could really need a new one!
4) Do you know Rituals? They have the most heavenly smelling Body Butters, Shower foams, … – I’d be over the moon if I got one of these!
5) Smoothies are always a good idea and since I am currently addicted to them this little helper would come in very handy!
6) Last, but not least, my absolute favorite lipstick from Maybelline (I put it on basically every day) definitely needs a companion – “Ultimate Blush” would be my choice!

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