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my top 5 // back to basics (white edition)

May 10, 2014
As much as I love playing around with different colors, textiles and patterns, sometimes a simple white tee (5) is all I need. Even though, strictly speaking, white does not even count as a real color (or maybe because of that) most of my favorite pieces hanging in my closet are white. It is timeless, elegant and especially in summer it makes you look just a tiny bit more tanned. One thing I find pretty annoying though, as soon as I wear a pair of freshly cleaned shiny white jeans (1) I find myself making a mess within hours (seriously, this never happens when I wear a pair of black jeans!). Anyway, two of these white key pieces I could not live without are a simple silk blouse (4) and of course a white (long or short) blazer (2). Wear anything you like, once you throw in a white blazer your look will always be elegant. Same goes for the silk blouse – white basics are so multifaceted, they enable you to create pretty much any look and appearance you like. Last, but not least: What would the world (or at least us girls) be without white Converse Chucks (3)? Yeah, right. With these words, I wish you all a blissful happy weekend!
white basics

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  • Reply Louise Francesca May 16, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    great post, I love wearing all white for spring and summer X


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