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June 16, 2014
Oh boy, it has been three weeks since the last post – BUT there is a (more or less) good reason for my absence: I have been studying day and night for the last couple of weeks as I have exams coming up next week that are seriously killing me right now… Anyway, I finally managed to free up at least some minutes to take a few photos that I would love to share with you. During the past year I have developed a make-up routine that I have sticked to and there are some products I would protect with my life (if it should ever come down to that): You probably know my Real Techniques brushes set by now – they are truly amazing, I couldn’t imagine using anything else when it comes to applying concealer, blush, eyeshadow or foundation! Speaking of eyeshadow: ever since I have bought my Naked 3 palette in London there has not been one day it was not used. Seriously, once you have experienced the magic of these colors, you will never want to go back to other eyeshadows! My third secret weapon, the Catrice blush pearls, is a simple drug store product that I learned to love because it creates the perfect glow on my cheek-bones. 🙂
Catrice blush pearls
What are your favorite make-up products? Have you tried the Naked palettes or the Real Techniques brushes?

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