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summer cravings

June 21, 2014
Summer is here! Well, at least that is what my calendar is telling me – taking a quick look out of my window rather makes me assume we are stuck in the middle of November… Anyway, I have to admit I am not too sad about the current weather conditions, as studying is much easier while it is cold and windy and rainy outside than it would be if we had sunshine all day long. Since I forbid myself any kind of shopping until I am finished with my exams, I have to stick to cravings lists for now:


summer cravings


  1. Light patterned trousers are my choice for hot days e.g. at work and this one is waiting for me in my shopping basket.
  2. I love heeled sandals in the summer, especially when they are not too high so that they are not only suitable for daily use but also for special occasions.
  3. Okay, this shirt is perfection: it has blue and white stripes, it is made out of linen AND it has a spark of pink. Nothing more to say.
  4. Mint is one of my favorite colors when it comes to summer clothes and accessories. Isn’t this bikini just too cute?
  5. I have to admit, yellow and me, we haven’t exactly been best friends up until now, but when this top caught my eye I fell in love immediately.
  6. The perfect companion for summer travels: a passport case in blue and white.
  7. I have to confess something here: I have never ever owned a maxi dress. That’s mostly because I am not exactly the tallest person on earth and never quite liked them on me. But this is definitely going to change this summer, because this dress is to die for!

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