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summer // fruit infused water

July 21, 2014

What a weekend! We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy summer at its best up here in Hamburg and the forecast for the upcoming week is not disappointing either! With temperatures this high it is even more important to take good care of your water balance and thus to keep in mind drinking enough and regularly. But since plain water tends to get boring after a while I have the perfect alternative for you today: Spice up your daily water intake with delicious berries, citrus fruit, ice or even cucumber for a refreshing summer drink. My personal favorite is frozen raspberries combined with lemon and ice cubes, but there is basically no limit to creativity here. If you are struggling with forgetting to drink during the day I also recommend taking a bottle with fruit infused water with you to work, university, sports, etc. – it helped me a lot as I simply kept forgetting about drinking water while working… Plus, it is super healthy and contains some extra vitamins that give you power throughout the day 🙂

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