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September 16, 2014

When I started reading blogs on a regular basis a couple of years ago there were only a handful of blogs I knew and even less that I really loved. As time went by numerous blogs were added to my Bloglovin feed and although I still absolutely love discovering new blogs and the stunning persons behind them, there are a few ones that I sticked to right from the beginning and that I am almost addicted to… Choosing a number of five blogs out of all these beautiful bloggers was definitely the opposite of easy, but here is my hot list of blogs you should totally be following:

1. bikinisandpassports by Vicky Heiler: Definitely number one on my list and an all time favorite of mine! Vicky has an exquisite taste both in fashion and in interior design – plus, I just love her way of writing! I cannot deny I am always beyond excited when she publishes a new post! And while you’re on it: she is editor and co-founder of another special blog that is more than worth a visit as well: thedailydose

2. kates-fashionblog by Katharina: This was one of the first blogs I started reading more frequently and learned to love. Katharina takes the most wonderful pictures and I especially love her ‘New In’ posts (e.g. from her California road trip this summer).

3. berriesandpassion by Nina Radmann: I have basically discovered this one via Instagram and though I have not been following berriesandpassion as long as the two above, it has become one of my personal favorite reads in no time. This blog has just the perfect mix of fashion, recipes, travels and fitness – plus, Nina is a real beauty!

4. hello october by Suzie: I have to admit that whenever I read a post on this blog I cannot help myself but laugh a little at her texts. Suzie is so natural and charming (you seriously must watch her videos) and made her way right into my top 5 favorite blogs in no time.

5. goldencherry by Miriam: sometimes pictures say more than a thousand words and though I enjoy a good read I often tend to only look at pictures and just skip the associated text. What I love about this blog most is its simplicity: few colors, text and a simple design – and of course Miriam’s perfect outfit pictures.

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