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outfit inspiration // fall 2014

October 14, 2014

This morning before heading to university I changed my outfit about ten times. And I still was not happy with the result. There are days when nothing seems to fit and you turn out to be unsatisfied with everything you choose, even with outfits you usually love. I always seem to have this problem when the season changes and the weather becomes kind of unpredictable: This morning we I could not make out the sky and it looked like the rain was never going to stop – Well, guess what, right now I am looking into the bluest sky and the sun is laughing right into my face! Plus, the temperature almost doubled during the day which is why I had to change my clothes all over again once I got home. In phases like this I just love creating mood boards, pinterest walls or Polyvore sets (like the ones I am sharing with you today) that inspire me in times where I struggle with my outfit choices:

Outfit #1

fall 2014 // #1


Outfit #2

fall 2014 // #2


Outfit #3

fall 2014 // #3
Do you know these kind of mornings? What is your way of dealing with it?
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