Design Update

December 2, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 16.05.41 After spending literally every spare minute during the past weeks working on both transferring my blog from Blogger to WordPress and afterwards on optimizing visuals and design I am now beyond exciting to present the result to you! And I have to admit that I am more than proud and happy with what turned out of my little project. WordPress does not only bring lots of additional features (like, finally a responsive design), but also gives the site a much better look – plus, I enjoy working on it even more now than I did before! Even though this move cost me lots of anger, frustration (several low points I rather not describe to you), in the end it was totally worth it! I have thought about moving from Blogger to WordPress for such a long time, but never gave it a shot, because I was afraid it was just too complicated and I know that there are lots of you out there stuck in the same position – let me give you some advice here: If you have minimal html/css skills, the most difficult thing of the whole process will be deciding on the theme! Anyway, for those who are interested I will do an extra post with links I found helpful and some tips. I have basically done all of the editing on my own and believe me, I am everything but a programming pro! Now, to the update and what’s new on the site: You find the main categories in the navigation bar now, as well as the search button and my social media icons. Both are place in the sidebar as well and there is a ‘latest posts’ section in the footer. Actually, everything else should be self-explaining… If not, to if you would like to leave any kind of feedback about the new design, I would be thrilled to hear you opinion!

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