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February 24, 2015


choose joy

They are all over instagram, etsy and pinterest: quotes, words, simple worldly wisdoms. We see them in black and white, sometimes with a hint of color or even with a sparkling golden accent. They motivate us, make us laugh, they touch us and make us feel loved. Sometimes they even contribute to brighten up our day. We show them to our dear ones, we share them on the internet and if we really like them we put them up on our walls. I just love the idea of a complete art wall in our new apartment which is why I searched our favorite networks and picked a selection of (free) prints and I even created my own art printables which is really not as difficult as I first thought!




(on you will find tons of super cute printables, you just have to sign up once and then you are free to download whatever you like – sooo good!!)


ohh la la

The following are my creations. If you would like to download and use them you can just click on the file and save it. I would love to hear your feedback though!

believe in  yourself

believe in yourself

good vibes only

good vibes only

if you never try

if you never try you’ll never know

you'll never walk alone

you’ll never walk alone

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