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April 11, 2015


For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There is nothing like fresh bread rolls, a variety of fruit, juice, tea and/or granola in the morning! In fact, I cannot remember a single morning on which I woke up not being hungry. While I enjoy having an extended breakfast or even brunch on weekends, unfortunately there is a certain lack of time during the week when I get up early. Here is where the granola comes in: added to plain yogurt, topped with fresh fruit it does serve as a perfectly quick, healthy and sating breakfast. Since the processed ones sold in the supermarket mostly contain lots of sugar I prefer my homemade granola:

Actually, there is nor strict recipe to follow here, you can just choose whatever seeds, dried fruit and/or grain you like. For example, I took sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rolled oats, flax seeds (Leinsamen), Amaranth and raisins. Throw everything together in a big bowl, add about 2 tea spoons of coconut oil, honey (or any other sweetener you prefer) and some cinnamon and mix it well. Next, spread the granola onto a baking tray (topped with baking paper, of course) and off it goes into the oven. Let it stay in there for about 15 minutes (180°C), unless you want it to be really crunchy – then you should go with 20 mins. Also, if you chose dried fruit (I added some raisins), be sure to add them afterwards, in order to not burn them! Wait till the granola is all cooled of and store it in an airtight box/glass. Enjoy!




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