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Food Diary #glutenfree

August 13, 2015

breakfast bowl with homemade granola, coconut rice milk, red berries, coconut splinters and chia seeds

Due to my thyroid’s disease I decided to change my diet and go gluten free for real. That was two months ago and today I can definitely say that I will probably never go back to old gluten habits. I have to admit, I had expected the diet change to be super hard, but surprisingly it wasn’t after all. Since I had reduced my wheat intake during the weeks before (e.g. I quit eating bread a long while ago) it was not too much of a struggle. Of course, it is always easier to stick to a diet when you are at home and able to use your own well-known ingredients which is why I was a little scared about eating out on our trip to France, but it is all manageable and a lot easier than I thought. Most of the people to whom I mention my gluten free diet, react astonished asking if I can still eat anything at all. And I can: All types of fruit and veggies, meat and fish, potatoes, rice and lots more. Also, if I need to I just exchange wheat flour with buckwheat flour which is even tastier than wheat if you ask me! Even supermarkets usually offer a variety of gluten free products such as pasta, that are a perfect alternative for occasional wheat cravings. Those of you following me along on instagram might recognize some of the following meals:


oatmeal with fresh strawberries and chia seeds


a green salad with veggies, corn, prawns and a homemade yogurt dressing

oatmeal with apple pear sauce and a nectarine


a salad with cucumber, corn, sunflower seeds and falafel balls


glutenfree pasta with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil


green salad, carrots, sprouts, sunflower seeds topped with salmon


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