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cravings // waiting for spring

February 12, 2015
I have never been the greatest lover of  winter, especially since the weather in this part of the country is everything but enjoyable during the cold time of the year. Don’t get me wrong here, I totally fancy an all snow-white city almost as much as a sunny summer day (okay, not really, but you get what I mean), unfortunately that is something we are able to experience a maximum of three days a year while the other days are filled with rain, darkness and cold – all in all pretty annoying and totally dispensable if you ask me! Anyway, that is just one of many reasons why I am looking forward to the first rays of warming sunshine. Until then, I have created a list with some items that have been on my cravings list for a while now and that are perfect for the first spring-like days in 2015.
currently craving // waiting for spring

Once it is warm enough, the grey coat (currently on sale, too bad size 34 is currently out of stock) would be a perfect substitute for my warm quilted every-day jacket. Continue Reading…

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outfit // winter vibes

January 22, 2015

DSC01614 Wow, it feels like the first few weeks of 2015 have flown by like nothing! Admittedly, I have not even written one single post this year (up until now) as the last few weeks of the semester plus the upcoming exam weeks were even more time consuming than expected. Plus, desperately searching for a new apartment has not exactly contributed to my (usually incorrigible) time management… Anyway, I am eager to improve on that in the near future and finally managed to capture an outfit again today when we were on our way to one of our favorite breakfast places. Now that it actually feels like winter after all, I do not dare to leave the house without my warm and cozy winter jacket and a matching hat to prevent myself from freezing – on the other hand though, I am so not willing to give up on distressed jeans, sneakers and bare ankles yet (I wonder how cold it must get for me to leave those inside the closet…)!

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outfit inspiration // Christmas Eve

December 22, 2014

Are you guys all prepared for Christmas Eve? I still have to wrap some last gifts and decorate the tree – plus, I have not had the time to think about my outfit for the big night yet… Sequins or silk? Silver or gold? Or maybe try something completely different this year? Decisions, decisions… I want my Christmas Eve outfit to be both comfortable and festive, all glittery, yet combined with classy pieces and at least one eye-catching accessory. Well, I guess it is no wonder I have not had a single idea on what I’ll be wearing. With only two days left for me to figure that out seeking inspiration online apparently is my best option – and what better way (apart from instagram and pinterest of course) is there than creating digital mood boards and outfit compilations?

outfit #1

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gift guide // for her

December 5, 2014

Christmas is coming closer and closer and I am finally beginning to get into the mood. I usually take notes along the year whenever a gift idea for a certain friend or family member comes into my mind, so that at the beginning of December (I hate it when it is all stressful and I have to do all the shopping in the last minute) I only have to go to the store and buy all the items on my list. Of course, this does not always work out a hundred percent which is why I prepared a little gift guide series starting today with lots of ideas in all price ranges!


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.35.50

zoeva brush | belliance mini brush | Topshop glitter hair ties | essie – set in stones

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shopping // cozy capes

November 15, 2014
One great reason to actually love the cold temperatures is that you can cuddle yourself into big knit jumpers, woolen scarves and those cozy capes everyone seems to love this year! I have to admit I was not their biggest fan at first, but during my trip to London last week – where literally every woman seemed to own one – I began to actually like this cozy look. Well, I admit it – I have been craving such a cozy cape ever since I got back home and basically spent my Saturday searching the web for my dream version – now, here is what I came up with:

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