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shopping // mango 30% off sale weekend

October 25, 2014
Hello weekend! And what better way to start the best two days of the week with some shopping? Anyone who has been following this blog for a little while now might have recognized my love for mango clothing – it is one of those shops I would find at least one piece each time I drop by to “only take a look around” (if you know what I mean). Well, since this always turns out to not be the best way to treat my credit card I always jump whenever they put on a 30% off sale weekend! This is the perfect opportunity (and/or excuse) to stock up on some decent autumn wear – well, seems like I have already made some finds that have already wandered directly into my shopping cart:
mango shopping weekend 30% off

coat | shirt | tee | shoes
scarf | jeans | bag

Have a great weekend and happy shopping, girls!

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outfit inspiration // fall 2014

October 14, 2014

This morning before heading to university I changed my outfit about ten times. And I still was not happy with the result. There are days when nothing seems to fit and you turn out to be unsatisfied with everything you choose, even with outfits you usually love. I always seem to have this problem when the season changes and the weather becomes kind of unpredictable: This morning we I could not make out the sky and it looked like the rain was never going to stop – Well, guess what, right now I am looking into the bluest sky and the sun is laughing right into my face! Plus, the temperature almost doubled during the day which is why I had to change my clothes all over again once I got home. In phases like this I just love creating mood boards, pinterest walls or Polyvore sets (like the ones I am sharing with you today) that inspire me in times where I struggle with my outfit choices:

Outfit #1

fall 2014 // #1


Outfit #2

fall 2014 // #2


Outfit #3

fall 2014 // #3
Do you know these kind of mornings? What is your way of dealing with it?
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glamour shopping week 2014 // wishlist

October 4, 2014
It is the season again! Glamour Shopping Week is starting today giving all of us a perfect excuse to finally press the ‘purchase’ button on several websites that we have a filled shopping cart on while feeling (more or less) guilt-free. So many great discounts and goodies come up with this special week and my shopper heart always enjoys the moment after the inserted code reduces the price and the mouse hits buy now❤
These products are the ones that have been stuck in my cart for the longest time now:
glamour shopping wek 2014 wish list


  • a classic grey scarf and the cutest rose gold necklace from Gina Tricot (20% discount)
  • LeSpecs “Hey Macarena” which I have been wanting to buy all summer but it was sold out literally everywhere (20% discount on
  • I honestly cannot resist Tory Burch’s Shopper York Buckle with a 20% discount – you get me right? (
  • Since I am selling my grey Ugg Australia Classic Short boots from last year I am looking for a new pair for the upcoming season and with the given price a discount comes in very handy right now! (gö up to 20€)
  • I have been wanting to try out zoeva brushes for years now – the timing could not be better for this 20% discount! ( 20%)
  • Okay, so the Rebecca Minkoff mini mac has been following me around all year now, and while I could not persuade myself to buy it during the last Shopping Week I think this week it might wander into my bag closet after all! (50€
  • last, but not least these classic black booties are just what I need for the in-between season! (HM 20% in stores)


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top 5 tuesday // autumn basics

September 30, 2014
So, this weekend I took all of my summer dresses and clothing out of my closet only to replace it with the autumn clothing I had stored in boxes during summer. This made me realize how huge a  choice I have when it is all hot and sunny outside whereas my pullover/cardigan/scarf selection keeps within bounds… This is why todays top 5 is dedicated to my all-time favorite autumn basics: my fav accessory for wet, cold and windy weather is always going to be a comfy scarf around my neck! Paired with these burgundy gloves I try to keep myself warm when it is wet and windy and cold outside. Since we are (thankfully) still enjoying temperatures around 20°C these days I fall back on my black leather jacket almost every day as it matches every outfit and does not look like we are in the middle of an polar expedition yet (that is going to be the way soon enough!). It is a perfect match with these black leather boots which are perfection if you ask me and should it come down to being too cold after all, wearing a long woolen cardigan underneath is always a good (and cozy) idea! 🙂
top 5 tuesday // autumn basics
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cravings // hello autumn!

September 10, 2014

Although, technically, we are still a few weeks away from the official beginning of autumn, I emotionally have said goodbye to summer already and am now looking forward to woolen jumpers, warm scarves and evenings on the sofa accompanied by lots of candles and a hot cup of tea. As hard as it is to face the dark time of the year (knowing we will not see the warming sun for quite a while), I always enjoy this time of year – all those new styles in the shopping windows bring a lot of inspiration for the upcoming season. Not the very best thing for my wallet though, I have seen quite a lot of things I absolutely neeeed this autumn…

autumn cravings

1. I have never really owned a between-seasons jacket which is why in autumn and spring I tend to be dressed either too warm or too cold – that could have an end with this blue ultra-light quilted jacket

2. & 5. One thing I cannot get enough of during autumn are jumpers in earth colors – olive and grey are my favorites for cozy yet stylish combos in autumn.
3. As much as I love simple plain shirts, sometimes it has to be a printed one like this grey military style shirt.
4. Autumn calls for coats, don’t you think? This one would be the perfect addition to my closet as I don’t have any jacket for special occasions – though I am in love with my parka , sometimes it just has to be a little more chic… 
6. As I said, scarves are essential for cold autumn days and this one looks beyond cozy!
7. Okay, so I have literally searched for a pair of leo loafers for ages now! Admittedly, they are not made out of leather, BUT these have the perfect shape and print – plus, this way they are more than affordable.
*this article contains affiliate links