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gift guide // for her

December 5, 2014

Christmas is coming closer and closer and I am finally beginning to get into the mood. I usually take notes along the year whenever a gift idea for a certain friend or family member comes into my mind, so that at the beginning of December (I hate it when it is all stressful and I have to do all the shopping in the last minute) I only have to go to the store and buy all the items on my list. Of course, this does not always work out a hundred percent which is why I prepared a little gift guide series starting today with lots of ideas in all price ranges!


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.35.50

zoeva brush | belliance mini brush | Topshop glitter hair ties | essie – set in stones

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first blog anniversary❤ ++ giveaway ++

October 26, 2014
Today is the day: it was exactly one year ago that I published my very first post on LiveLifeStyled! I honestly cannot believe how fast time has passed – it feels like yesterday that I started planning on starting my own fashion blog, it took what felt like an eternity to decide on the name, designs, etc and although the past year had its ups and downs not only concerning my life in general, but also the blog in particular – there were weeks where I just did not seem to find any motivation and/or inspiration for posts – I have to say, I do not regret anything at this time, even better: I love the way it all turned out and enjoy writing, shooting and editing photos and working on the designs so much! Plus, I have to admit,  I am a little proud of what this has become after such a short time and at this point I would really love to thank you guys for all your support, your lovely comments and for contributing so much to this little project of mine!!❤❤❤ This brings me to the giveaway: You can win an Urban Decay Basics 2 palette!! All you have to do is follow me on instagram and repost this picture with the hashtag #livelifestyledgiveaway (you find all the details under the picture). Good luck! 🙂 One more thing (before you head over there): I am beyond excited for what the coming up year has to hold for the blog and would love it if you kept following this story together with me – to even more years here on LiveLiveStyled!! Lots of love and have a great Sunday!
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hairy affairs

July 8, 2014
Finally – I am back! Actually, my last exam took place on friday already, but since the weather was beyond beautiful during the whole weekend and there was such a lot to organize (after weeks of studying there was a ton of stuff that had been set aside) it is only today that I finally found some time for the real important things in life: painting my nails, cleaning out my closet and giving my hair a special treatment. When I was younger I used to change my hair shampoo like weekly, I had never heard of conditioner and I was of the strong opinion that hair masks were completely overrated. But from the moment I started highlighting my hair even I realized that something had to change. However, over the past few years I have developed a routine that I stayed with because I felt my hair deserves better, especially during summer. With shampoo I have never been too picky, but when it comes to conditioner and masks there are very few products I let into my hair: Vidal Sassoon’s Repair products are my choice for everyday care – I use both the conditioner and the 1-minute-mask alternately and mostly in my hair tips to prevent it from becoming to heavy and thereby flat. Every few weeks I treat my hair with John Frieda’s sheer blonde mask which is extremely nourishing and leaves the hair perfectly smooth and heavenly smelling…

What are your favorite hair products? Have you tried these Vidal Sassoon products?


beauty // make-up favorites

June 16, 2014
Oh boy, it has been three weeks since the last post – BUT there is a (more or less) good reason for my absence: I have been studying day and night for the last couple of weeks as I have exams coming up next week that are seriously killing me right now… Anyway, I finally managed to free up at least some minutes to take a few photos that I would love to share with you. During the past year I have developed a make-up routine that I have sticked to and there are some products I would protect with my life (if it should ever come down to that): You probably know my Real Techniques brushes set by now – they are truly amazing, I couldn’t imagine using anything else when it comes to applying concealer, blush, eyeshadow or foundation! Speaking of eyeshadow: ever since I have bought my Naked 3 palette in London there has not been one day it was not used. Seriously, once you have experienced the magic of these colors, you will never want to go back to other eyeshadows! My third secret weapon, the Catrice blush pearls, is a simple drug store product that I learned to love because it creates the perfect glow on my cheek-bones. 🙂
Catrice blush pearls
What are your favorite make-up products? Have you tried the Naked palettes or the Real Techniques brushes?

beauty // bobbi brown art stick

May 4, 2014
Although I have always adored bright red and pink lipsticks on others I never quite liked them on myself… Really, I used to rarely wear anything on my lips, not even gloss – until my graduation ball came and with it my first MAC lipstick in a light pink shade. I remember thinking afterwards that it would be such a waste if I didn’t keep on putting it on my lips every now and then. So I started to paint my lips more often and – after a while – I got used to it, tried some other shades and colors and it got more and more a habit. I still own just a minimal amount of lipsticks (almost exclusively pink and rose shades), but I love each and every one of them! It goes without saying that I got pretty excited recently, when a new one moved in with me: the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in ‘Electric Pink’ – the creamy texture and the dark pink color make it the perfect companion both in everyday life and for special occasions! 🙂
Have you tried the Bobbi Brown Art Stick? I would love to hear about your color preferences and experiences? 🙂