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cravings // hello autumn!

September 10, 2014

Although, technically, we are still a few weeks away from the official beginning of autumn, I emotionally have said goodbye to summer already and am now looking forward to woolen jumpers, warm scarves and evenings on the sofa accompanied by lots of candles and a hot cup of tea. As hard as it is to face the dark time of the year (knowing we will not see the warming sun for quite a while), I always enjoy this time of year – all those new styles in the shopping windows bring a lot of inspiration for the upcoming season. Not the very best thing for my wallet though, I have seen quite a lot of things I absolutely neeeed this autumn…

autumn cravings

1. I have never really owned a between-seasons jacket which is why in autumn and spring I tend to be dressed either too warm or too cold – that could have an end with this blue ultra-light quilted jacket

2. & 5. One thing I cannot get enough of during autumn are jumpers in earth colors – olive and grey are my favorites for cozy yet stylish combos in autumn.
3. As much as I love simple plain shirts, sometimes it has to be a printed one like this grey military style shirt.
4. Autumn calls for coats, don’t you think? This one would be the perfect addition to my closet as I don’t have any jacket for special occasions – though I am in love with my parka , sometimes it just has to be a little more chic… 
6. As I said, scarves are essential for cold autumn days and this one looks beyond cozy!
7. Okay, so I have literally searched for a pair of leo loafers for ages now! Admittedly, they are not made out of leather, BUT these have the perfect shape and print – plus, this way they are more than affordable.
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cravings, fashion, shopping, wishlist

last minute summer sale picks

July 27, 2014
Only four days to go until we finally depart to Italy and in my mind I am slowly beginning to create packing lists, tick several to do’s and suddenly realized with a shock that I totally need a new bikini… While clicking myself through numerous online shops searching for one, I got hit (hard) by the ongoing summer sale – and of course found everything, but a simple bikini for my vacation…
Summer Sale Picks
1. The Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac has been on my cravings list for a while now and this sweet price reduction could possibly lead to finally buying it for real…
2. Espandrilles have been THE summer crush this year and this pair’s even more beautiful than my simple bue ones.
3. Black is not a typical summer color, but simple basics like this top are perfect for an elegant dinner look on warm summer evenings!
4. Speaking of shoes, I have had about five pairs of simple white Converse shoes during the last three years. i think it is about time to try a new color perspective!
5. Jeans shorts. Summer. Vacation. Do I need to say more?
6. Okay, you probably know about my Nike Free love story now. If not: Nike Frees and I, we are simply made for each other and this pair would make me endlessly happy 🙂
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summer cravings

June 21, 2014
Summer is here! Well, at least that is what my calendar is telling me – taking a quick look out of my window rather makes me assume we are stuck in the middle of November… Anyway, I have to admit I am not too sad about the current weather conditions, as studying is much easier while it is cold and windy and rainy outside than it would be if we had sunshine all day long. Since I forbid myself any kind of shopping until I am finished with my exams, I have to stick to cravings lists for now:


summer cravings


  1. Light patterned trousers are my choice for hot days e.g. at work and this one is waiting for me in my shopping basket.
  2. I love heeled sandals in the summer, especially when they are not too high so that they are not only suitable for daily use but also for special occasions.
  3. Okay, this shirt is perfection: it has blue and white stripes, it is made out of linen AND it has a spark of pink. Nothing more to say.
  4. Mint is one of my favorite colors when it comes to summer clothes and accessories. Isn’t this bikini just too cute?
  5. I have to admit, yellow and me, we haven’t exactly been best friends up until now, but when this top caught my eye I fell in love immediately.
  6. The perfect companion for summer travels: a passport case in blue and white.
  7. I have to confess something here: I have never ever owned a maxi dress. That’s mostly because I am not exactly the tallest person on earth and never quite liked them on me. But this is definitely going to change this summer, because this dress is to die for!

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trend // linen shirts

May 1, 2014

Ask me about my absolute favorite piece of clothing at the moment and I would definitely answer ‘linen shirts’! I bought a white one last year, fell in love, forgot about it over winter and rediscovered it in my closet a few weeks ago (leading me to buy a second one in light grey). Now, you must know that a linen shirt is nothing like a normal t-shirt, the fabric is heavier giving the shirt a perfect fit, the texture makes it look more interesting and on hot summer days it does even have a cooling effect! Throw in a pair of your favorite jeans (my choice would be black coated skinnies), a colorful statement necklace and some flats or heels and your are ready to go pretty much everywhere!

linen shirts

first row: here | here | here

second row: here | here | here

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currently craving // spring edition

April 18, 2014
I write lists. Lots of lists. Starting from simple to-do-lists, over to places I want to visit, to recipes I would like to try, packing lists for travels or lists of stuff I have to study for university exams. Really, everything that pops up in my head is put on a matching list. I have lists on my iPhone, in my calendar, in little notebooks (and I own lots of them), on sticky notes – pretty much everywhere. It’s how I keep things organized when my head is overwhelmed of ideas and things I need to remember. Anyway, there is one list I love keeping care of the most – my cravings list (sometimes it gets updated several times a day) – one of which I am happy to be sharing with you today. Can you recognize a minimal color trend here?
currently craving // april 2014


1 | strap top – mango (I already own this one in white and am deeply in love)
2 | bikini – triangle (instagram has now officially convinced me: I need a triangle bikini!)
3 | faux leather jacket – zara (perfect color and shape for a spring jacket)
4 | loafers – maruti (I have been obsessing over these for a while now…)
5 | mini mac – rebecca minkoff (wasn’t convinced about this hype at first, but the color got me)
6 | heels – mango (I absolutely adore these babies!)

*this article contains affiliate links