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recipe // healthy lunch bowl

February 21, 2016

As much as I love both cooking and baking, there are days when I am happy to be able to just throw a few things together to create a delicious meal in no time. Lunch bowls have proven to satisfy this need for me as they are not only quick in the making, but also look and taste so heavenly good that I love making them in varying versions lunch or dinner during the week. Although I do love them all, there is one combination that I always get back to! A rainbow-colored lunch bowl that does include everything your body needs to get sated, plus numerous vitamins, protein and healthy starches. The “recipe” (as far as it is one) is super variable, I also love topping it off with pulled chicken or steak slices as a protein source instead of scampis!

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Food Diary #glutenfree

August 13, 2015

breakfast bowl with homemade granola, coconut rice milk, red berries, coconut splinters and chia seeds

Due to my thyroid’s disease I decided to change my diet and go gluten free for real. That was two months ago and today I can definitely say that I will probably never go back to old gluten habits. I have to admit, I had expected the diet change to be super hard, but surprisingly it wasn’t after all. Since I had reduced my wheat intake during the weeks before (e.g. I quit eating bread a long while ago) it was not too much of a struggle. Of course, it is always easier to stick to a diet when you are at home and able to use your own well-known ingredients which is why I was a little scared about eating out on our trip to France, but it is all manageable and a lot easier than I thought. Most of the people to whom I mention my gluten free diet, react astonished asking if I can still eat anything at all. And I can: All types of fruit and veggies, meat and fish, potatoes, rice and lots more. Also, if I need to I just exchange wheat flour with buckwheat flour which is even tastier than wheat if you ask me! Even supermarkets usually offer a variety of gluten free products such as pasta, that are a perfect alternative for occasional wheat cravings. Those of you following me along on instagram might recognize some of the following meals:


oatmeal with fresh strawberries and chia seeds

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health // let’s juice!

October 11, 2014
There is nothing like kick-starting the day with a freshly made juice that does not only contain lots of vegetables and fruit full of healthy vitamins, but that does also taste beyond refreshing! From the moment this juicer moved into our home it has constantly been in use and already served a whole variety of delicious juices – the best of which I would like to share with you today! By the way, if you are willing to buy a juicer yourself, but worry about the cleaning time: I can assure you that it does only take a few minutes to have this machine fully cleaned, I usually just rinse all the remains off the machine’s components and let it air-dry on a towel… Besides, even if it took me an hour to get it all cleaned up, it would still so be worth it!!


1. Carrot-Apple-Orange-Ginger Juice (my favorite!!)
2 carrots
1 apple
1 orange
1cm ginger slice
1-2 drops olive oil
2. Beetroot-Orange-Ginger Juice
1/4 Beetrot
2 Oranges
1cm Ginger slice
3. Carrot-Apple-Lemon Juice
3 Carrots
2 Apples
1/2 Lemon

I would love to hear about your favorite combinations – do you own a juicer? If so, how often do you use it? 🙂

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summer // fruit infused water

July 21, 2014

What a weekend! We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy summer at its best up here in Hamburg and the forecast for the upcoming week is not disappointing either! With temperatures this high it is even more important to take good care of your water balance and thus to keep in mind drinking enough and regularly. But since plain water tends to get boring after a while I have the perfect alternative for you today: Spice up your daily water intake with delicious berries, citrus fruit, ice or even cucumber for a refreshing summer drink. My personal favorite is frozen raspberries combined with lemon and ice cubes, but there is basically no limit to creativity here. If you are struggling with forgetting to drink during the day I also recommend taking a bottle with fruit infused water with you to work, university, sports, etc. – it helped me a lot as I simply kept forgetting about drinking water while working… Plus, it is super healthy and contains some extra vitamins that give you power throughout the day 🙂

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detox // result

January 29, 2014
I am beyond happy to be able to announce that today I successfully got my very last exam for this semester over and done with! It felt amazing to just pack away all things related to studying and university and I finally feel like I have got my life back – so much time and so many things on my to do list for the next weeks! This does not only include this blog (I am literally boiling over with ideas), but also a very special trip that is planned for next week… 
But let’s start from the beginning: As I told you, I tried out detoxing two weeks ago and I know I promised you a feedback – the five days of my detox cleanse are already more than two weeks away, but since I was in the middle of my exam weeks up until now, I just couldn’t find any free time for blogging – so sorry! But: better late than never, huh? 
So, for everyone who doesn’t quite know what detoxing is about, here is the short version: You basically go without animal products (including dairy products of course), salt, sugar and any kind of wheaten-based products for about five days to cleanse your body from toxins. So far, so good. I had a whole bunch of recipes that did sound quite tasty (that’s if you can call a meal without any salt that), mostly based on quinoa and veggies. In the morning I usually had some oatmeal with fruits and chia seeds and/or a smoothie which did not make me miss my usual bread slices at all!
I must admit I had imagined this week to be a lot easier, but in my defense, I got ill on day two which made me feel weak and limp and tired and didn’t quite have a positive impact on my motivation. I guess what I missed most during those days was neither sugar or salt, nor any animal products, but the wheaten-based products – how much I would have given for a plate of spaghetti, or a slice of whole-wheat bread! The thing was that I always felt full, but never completely sated… But, as I said, I cannot clearly distinguish between what the impact of the detox was and how I felt because of my cold.
However, I can definitely say that I did not at all feel any difference or change of my body – bloating’s still there and did not even decrease a little… I lost about 2kg that I have regained by now and that weren’t really visible. Though these 5 days of detox did not completely meet my expectations (also possibly due to my illness) I can say that it affected my way of thinking about food and eating in general: after a week of relinquishing everything your body is used to, one gets a fully new perspective of the value of each meal. I cannot describe in words the feeling that I had the first day after, when I finally was allowed to eat everything I wanted to! 
It was a great experience that probably would have been even greater without me having a cold which is why I am totally up for a new try (completely healthy then) in a few months time! 
Did you have more luck? I would love to hear about your experiences with detoxing!