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challenge // five days of detox

January 13, 2014

Ever since I have read about detoxing for the first time I’ve been wanting to try it! If you are following me on instagram you might have seen my little shopping haul for my first and hopefully not last detox cleanse that I started today. I needed to postpone it several times because of university and birthday invitations, but now I am finally kicking it off – better late than never!

I couldn’t be more motivated and excited as I have read so many positive things about the result. The main goal or reason why I am doing this is to beat the bloating that I have been having for over a year now, but I have to admit that the side effects such as a stronger immune system, skin improvement and the loss of water retention do also sound quite alluring! I do also count this as the start into a healthier and more balanced life as I would like to become even more conscious about what I eat – we’ll see how that’s going to work out! Well, the first day is over and I feel pretty good aside from the fact that I caught a cold yesterday – the timing could just not be better! Looking forward to the next days – I’ll keep you posted!

If you are interested in clean eating or detox I can only recommend to you, that’s where I got all the recipes from – they do not only have quite an inspiring instafeed, but also their own youtube channel.

Have you detoxed before? What are your experiences?