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travels // bonjour!

August 7, 2015

After two and a half super relaxing weeks in France (and one week back at work) I finally found some time to look through my pictures of which I would love to share some with you guys today. First we spent two days in Paris and drove to the Atlantic Coast afterwards. Since this was my third trip to Paris I did not have any must-see’s or -do’s on my list and since the weather was crazy (temperatures well above 30°C) we mostly just wandered around, occasionally having coffee and food breaks in the sweetest Parisian cafés. The Eiffel Tower was a must for the others though, so we went there after dinner on Friday night to enjoy the light show (with a million other tourists). Although we only stayed for two nights, this city has proven to me once again that it is just always worth a trip!

On Saturday we were already headed to the sea where we had rented a house close to the beach. Those two weeks we spent there were probably the most relaxing weeks I had this year (so far) – We went surfing almost every day, but the rest of the day was well spent with lounging on the deck chairs in the garden or at the beach, with great food, books and the best friends. Although the weather back home is beyond summery at the moment, I must admit that I am still missing this vacation feeling I was filled with those two weeks down at the coast… BUT, the next vacay is coming for sure – and until then… I still have all these beautiful pictures to look at and even more memories in my head.


At the airport waiting to board the plane to Paris CDG


That obligatory plane photo

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travels // london impressions

November 12, 2014

If there is a place I am probably never going to get bored of it is definitely London! There is just so much to see, do and explore that is making each trip to this beautiful city unforgettable. Well, lucky me, as of recently I have not one but three of my friends living there giving me the perfect opportunity to visit London even more often. And, what can I say, those past four days have proven to me once again that a trip to that city is always more that worth it! I spent two days at a friend’s place in the north of the city and then 2 more days at another friend’s student dorm at the Royal Holloway University outside of the city. Since I have been to London a few times now we skipped the main sightseeing must-sees and mostly wandered through the city without any particular destination – this way I spotted boroughs and places I would have never found otherwise. Enough talking, now see for yourself what I was up to during my stay in London:

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top 5 tuesday // photo apps

September 23, 2014

Okay, so I herewith declare myself a hopeless iPhone photo addict. Do not judge me, but as much as I enjoy flipping through my instagram feed and looking at other people’s beautiful shots, I love taking, editing and enhancing my own photos on my phone before posting them on instagram or sending them to friends. And believe me, I have tried and tested lots and lots of apps until I found the ones that are really worth it:

1. VSCO cam (available for iPhone & Android): With VSCOcam all your secret wishes concerning photo effects and filters for your pictures will come true – believe me! 

2. PicStitch (available for iPhone & Android): I mostly use PicStitch for creating collages in different styles, e.g. combine two or three pictures in one.

3. Whitagram (available for iPhone & Android): Since instagram only allows you to upload square photos this app is needed if you are willing to add a colored border or just post pictures that are not squared.

4. Rhonna Designs (available for iPhone & Android): If you like adding some text or symbol to your photos this app is a must-have for you! Lots of cute fonts, quotes and little icons in all colors are included and enhance every picture.

5. Autocam (available for iPhone & Android): Sometimes (when there is no second person around) this app comes in quite handy as it allows you to use the iPhone camera for taking self timer photos.


photography // NEX-3N

March 6, 2014
SURPRISE! I am by far the luckiest girl on the planet! But, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? As you might know, I celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday and my biggest wish was a new camera. And what can I say? I got one, a Sony NEX-3N to be precise. It is beautiful and we became best friends the minute I held it in my hands! Well, that basically lead to me not letting go of this beauty, but shooting everything coming in front of the lens (mostly flowers though, I love playing around with the background blur). Sure thing I want you to see some of my shots – I find the results marvelous (though this does not necessarily have to do with my photography talent, because the camera does nearly everything automatically!). Anyway, here you go – I would love to hear your opinion in the comment section!♥