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Food Diary #glutenfree

August 13, 2015

breakfast bowl with homemade granola, coconut rice milk, red berries, coconut splinters and chia seeds

Due to my thyroid’s disease I decided to change my diet and go gluten free for real. That was two months ago and today I can definitely say that I will probably never go back to old gluten habits. I have to admit, I had expected the diet change to be super hard, but surprisingly it wasn’t after all. Since I had reduced my wheat intake during the weeks before (e.g. I quit eating bread a long while ago) it was not too much of a struggle. Of course, it is always easier to stick to a diet when you are at home and able to use your own well-known ingredients which is why I was a little scared about eating out on our trip to France, but it is all manageable and a lot easier than I thought. Most of the people to whom I mention my gluten free diet, react astonished asking if I can still eat anything at all. And I can: All types of fruit and veggies, meat and fish, potatoes, rice and lots more. Also, if I need to I just exchange wheat flour with buckwheat flour which is even tastier than wheat if you ask me! Even supermarkets usually offer a variety of gluten free products such as pasta, that are a perfect alternative for occasional wheat cravings. Those of you following me along on instagram might recognize some of the following meals:


oatmeal with fresh strawberries and chia seeds

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travels // bonjour!

August 7, 2015

After two and a half super relaxing weeks in France (and one week back at work) I finally found some time to look through my pictures of which I would love to share some with you guys today. First we spent two days in Paris and drove to the Atlantic Coast afterwards. Since this was my third trip to Paris I did not have any must-see’s or -do’s on my list and since the weather was crazy (temperatures well above 30°C) we mostly just wandered around, occasionally having coffee and food breaks in the sweetest Parisian cafés. The Eiffel Tower was a must for the others though, so we went there after dinner on Friday night to enjoy the light show (with a million other tourists). Although we only stayed for two nights, this city has proven to me once again that it is just always worth a trip!

On Saturday we were already headed to the sea where we had rented a house close to the beach. Those two weeks we spent there were probably the most relaxing weeks I had this year (so far) – We went surfing almost every day, but the rest of the day was well spent with lounging on the deck chairs in the garden or at the beach, with great food, books and the best friends. Although the weather back home is beyond summery at the moment, I must admit that I am still missing this vacation feeling I was filled with those two weeks down at the coast… BUT, the next vacay is coming for sure – and until then… I still have all these beautiful pictures to look at and even more memories in my head.


At the airport waiting to board the plane to Paris CDG


That obligatory plane photo

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outfit // greek sandals

July 9, 2015

DSC02005 Okay, first of all: I am deeply sorry about the lack of posts here during the last few weeks! Unfortunately, I am stuck in the middle of exam weeks and am currently struggling to make time for anything but studying… The good thing though: there is a silver lining at the end of the horizon I am more than looking forward to: Exactly one week from today I will be on a plane to Paris where I will stay for two days before we are headed to the French Atlantic coast. Two weeks of sunshine, sea, good food and lots of relaxing time – can’t wait! Anyway, today I have some outfit shots that we took a couple of days ago before we watched a movie at the cinema. I wore my greek sandals that I really love (and that everyone around me seems to wear these days) as they are perfect for hot days like the ones we had last week (up to 37°C, crazy!) as well as for cooler temperatures such as on the pictures. 🙂

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outfit // cali love

June 8, 2015

DSC01993 They say “A sunday well spent brings a week of content” – Taking this as our motto we decided to take the vespa out for a drive today and enjoy some sunshine and good food down at the Alster Lake. Although it was not as warm as the last two days we had such an amazing time eating pizza and ice cream right next to the water, watching all the people and sailing boats – Pure sunday bliss! Plus, it was the perfect occasion to wear my latest sneaker addiction – light grey Nike Roshe Runs with a hint of neon – major love! Together with a casual sweater and my beloved ripped Topshop jeans it was just the perfect casual outfit for this lovely sunday and now I am all ready for a new week (full of content)…

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outfit // leo loafers

May 25, 2015


While we had the best weather yesterday, right now I do not dare to look out of the window as it is all cold, grey and rainy in Hamburg today… So I am just going to use this monday to get some stuff done, relax a bit and show you my new leo loafers in action! Although I have not had a lot of opportunities (or else, enough sunshine) YET to wear them I just love how they make a very simple outfit look so much more elegant and exciting. What do you say?
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